What started as a dream yesterday, is today making pawsteps towards achieving global awareness in animal health and wellbeing.

Authentic, human-grade, ready to eat, raw BARF meals to keep everyone’s furry friends healthy & happy.

Pretzel - Pupper


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Shelly - Hooman

All ready fo RSPCA Million Paws Walk

As an over-paranoid first time hoomum, I would read through articles, watch endless YouTube videos, read numerous forums and reviews to understand what kibble and treats were best/to avoid. I had given him the most premium, natural, grain-free kibble available, and yet deep down inside I knew there had to be something more that I could do - he never used to finish his bowl!

One day I came across a raw feeding post on Instagram - I was incredibly skeptical and became frantically researching into the process, long-term benefits, appropriate balances etc. 

I started transitioning Pretzel slowly and looked into what was available in the market. Although there are several existing specialists, they didn't have what we were looking for exactly, which was whole, unprocessed, BARF Model based, complete ready to eat meals with variety.


We took it upon ourselves to create something and seeing how much Pretzel enjoyed this, how happy he was, how his energy levels have increased so much - we wanted to share this with the wider pet community. To ensure we had an accurate, thorough understanding of creating balanced, biologically appropriate meals, we also completed a Small Animal Nutrition course, and a raw dog food nutrition course

Kimmy - Hooman

Well.. I am in charge of SOURCING & PACKING YOUR RAW MEALS!