Shark Cartilage Powder (Topper - 50g)

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Made from Australian shark cartilage, these treats have numerous nutrients such as Omega 3 fatty acids (great for joints and skin health), calcium (great for bones), protein, chondroitin (aiding in joint health, arthritis) etc.

*Single ingredient product, with no preservatives, no additives, no colourings*

*Our Shark cartilage is either 100% North Queensland Black Tip or Australian Gummy shark. Both are common sharks in Australia caught with sustainable practices, and under strictly managed quotas by the Australian Fisheries. They are very common in Australian waters and are not endangered*

Daily Usage Guide

Once results are becoming visible (usually within 4-6 weeks), feel free to start reducing to a maintenance level (50-80% of the initial amount). Please note the below is a guide and can vary depending on your individual dog’s requirements. Results may vary for each dog, and there are no guarantees for improvements. Research however suggests that 80% of dogs generally do see some form of improvement when taking it regularly.

Pet’s weight Initial Amount
< 15kg 5 grams / 1 tsp
15 – 30kg 10 grams /2 tsp
30 – 40kg 15 grams / 3 tsp
40+kg 20grams / 4 tsp

(Comes in 50g pack)

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